Dexter Public Library History

The Dexter Public Library was first formed on January 28, 1930.  The townspeople had earned $130.00 with numerous bridge benefits, food sales, selling papers, and the production of the play.  This was augmented by membership dues of one dollar and donations from various clubs in town.  Funds were not available for renting a building, so Allen Percy offered a room in his law office for the 100 books which had been donated.

The Dexter Public Library opened on February 8, 1930 at 2:00 p.m.  On that day 35 books went out to borrowers.  On February 15th, 62 books were lent.  On February 22nd, 60 books were circulated, and on March 1st, 75.  On March 6th there were 310 volumes owned by the Dexter Public Library plus 200 books from the State Traveling Library.  In June 1934 the library was moved from Mr. Percy's office to a room in the town hall.  In 1936 the library became tax supported and reorganized under Iowa Library laws.

In 1939 the library had outgrown its present quarters.  Through a WPA project the Board was able to contract for a new building to be known as the Library Hall.  It would include a community room with a modern kitchen fully equipped and a dining room all of which are much used by the community.  It was necessary for the community to provide $1,000, so the members of the Board solicited the townspeople who responded generously.  We moved into the new building June 28, 1939 after which it was formally dedicated.

Special Tribute should be paid to Mrs. Percy for her unceasing and untiring efforts for the promotion of the library.  She had been President of the Board since the library was started in 1930 until this publication was written for the Dexter Centennial book in 1968.